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Company Mission

Where we are. Where we are going. 

Creating completely new solutions to societal problems is at the core of our philosophy. With the lack of healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, and therapists, and the problem of aging societies, we need to solve the festering problem of lacking personalised yet affordable care services for the aged.  We found the core of this problem - therapy is only administered on a 1-on-1 basis by professionals, making therapy an expensive and limited resource. 

How do we make therapy a basic right for patients? By using technology to make it affordable. 


With a varied background of commercial contracts and research projects with both private and public nursing homes, we have had more than 10 iterations of our product. 

Consistently, our team has been making products that make everyone happy - the care homes, the healthcare professionals, and the patients. 


Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Healthcare providers are currently face these issues:

1) High patient to therapist ratio in a 1-to-1 treatment setting

2) Patients unmotivated to engage in therapy

3) Few therapy options catered to dementia and stroke patients

What we aim to do is:

1) Allow therapists to simultaneously rehabilitate multiple patients at the same time

2) Make therapy engaging and effective

3) Provide more options to improve patients' motor and cognitive functions

Have questions? Drop me a line and let me give you the answers.

Technical Expertise


By making our product compatible with the best hardware on the market, we take full advantage of the technical progress that technology has made and will continue to make.


Vital signs are consistently monitored to track the progress and experience of the patients - even when they may be unable to communicate with us.


Careful calibrations and evaluations are made with intelligent systems that can identify the aspects of physical and cognitive decline - to assist healthcare professionals in providing more accurate and appropriate treatment to patients.


"One patient suffered a stroke and was unable to move
his right hand. After using your therapy, he was able to
move his right arm for the first time in six months!"






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