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Our range of targeted Cognitive Training, including Memory and Attention Training, complements a patient's care plan for various diseases.

Upper Limb and Neck Physical Therapy helps patients in their physio rehabilitation journey, which can often taken years or decades.

Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and Fatigue can be alleviated with Psychotherapy-backed Meditation Applications


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We work with private care homes in ensuring the highest quality care and therapy service for residents

Government Grants and Care Programs go a long way in increasing access to therapy for our patients

Our research work with Research Facilities ensure our products' efficiency and efficacy are tested

With a varied background of commercial contracts and research projects with both private and public nursing homes, we have had more than 10 iterations of our product.

Consistently, our team has been making products that make everyone happy - the care homes, the healthcare professionals, and the patients. 

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80 years old

Mobility and Sleep Issues

"Able to help me focus and react. Makes me think also. I'm excited to do more so I can improve!"

Mdm RB suffers from mobility issues and is wheelchair-bound. She has trouble sleeping at night due to the noise in the nursing home ward. She is lethargic and soft-spoken.


When we first met Mdm RB, she was quiet and uninterested. It took multiple sessions for her to get curious about what we were doing in the nursing home. Eventually, she agreed to try our digital therapy solution. We mounted our Virtual Reality (VR) headset on her and taught her how it worked. 


First, we started her off on a Meditation and Relaxation module under our Mental Wellness category. Her interest was piqued by the time it ended. She asked for more. We then tried a Physiotherapy module with her. Immersed in the mixed reality before her eyes, Mdm RB began moving her neck as part of the physiotherapy module. Her therapist was shocked. He had never witnessed her stretch her neck to this extent.


After only 10 minutes, the VR headset was removed. We showed Mdm RB her exceptional performance. She was, in turn, stunned. She never even felt like that was exercise. She was merely following the programme. It was so immersive that she did not realise she moved muscles that were long sedentary. 


Since then, Mdm RB looks forward to our visits. She is now quickly advancing in levels as part of the Physiotherapy modules. Even her Wrist Physiotherapy Exercise score has improved from 300 to 931! Mdm RB is spirited and energetic in ways she was not before, initiating and engaging in conversations with a radiant smile.




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